Alvaris Falcon

I would like to demo this Coffee Desk Blogger template to you.

Check out more features and download these templates in the post, Blogger Template: Coffee Desk, or simply subscribe our posts to get all our latest Blogger templates!
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  1. Alvaris Says:

    Hi, enjoy blogging with Coffee Desk Blogger template!

  2. Alvaris Says:

    Coffee Desk is an artistic template produced by TemplateLite!

  3. Aditya Says:


    This template works on the assumption that there will be enough posts on the left to balance the widgets on the right. If there are less posts on the left, the rings don’t get displayed fully don the middle of the diary.

    Can the code be changed somehow to repeat the ring image?

    You can check this on my blog which I have linked. Click on any individual post title and you will see what I mean.


  4. Μαρία Says:

    Perfect template so cute! There is a problem though it shows undefined where the date should be :( Could you please check for a moment this testing blog to see what I mean.... I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to what may be causing this.

  5. ihchicky Says:

    I am having the same issue with the date. I'd love to know how to correct this:

  6. Moon Says:

    I like this so much. Can I get its code?

  7. Colayco Fan Says:

    I think it would be great if the readme.txt included in zip files would have instructions for blogger tweaks such as the date format, etc...

    Anyway this link pretty much covers it...

    This link shows how certain HTML commands appear with this template...

  8. Carla Says:

    Super Cute - I would like to have it on my blog.

  9. saleema Says:

    For those of you having trouble with the date issue, I posted something over at re: fixing the date on the Desk Mess Blogger template, which I have a feeling would work for this Falcon Hive template, too..

  10. Outstanding, perfect, beautiful!!! Congrats

  11. fonzoire Says:

    the date each entry was posted becomes UNDEFINED. how can i change that?

  12. ACMauroE Says:

    all ok, very well

  13. si roel Says:

    cool, how to download this template??

  14. Anonymous Says:

    How to fix the date on the post. It always says "Undefined". Just take a look on my blog to figure out what's the problem.

  15. mdArch Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. niyati Says:

    how do I get the navigation bar on the top of the page...

  17. For those that can't get the date to work:

    There is a mistake in the coding.
    Instead of:
    var timestamp = "";
    It should be:
    var timestamp = "";

    Use search function and replace that line. It should work perfectly.

  18. replace:

    use search function. The last post didn't show up.

  19. Veda Murthy Says:

    Hi ,
    i have 3 problems

    1. i could not use the image.url of bg_bottom-1 in the html anywhere. there were no lines for this. AS a result i m not able to c the complete background.

    2. I have not used the image.url of bg_center
    _repeat-1 in the html anywhere. no lines again. i dont know what this does.

    3. the date is showing undefined. i checked for both var timestamp and data:post.timestamp . both of it is not there in my html page

    please help!

    my blog is

  20. Toise Says:

    To show the date,
    1. Sign in
    2. In your dashboard, click settings
    3. Under Settings, go to the Formatting tab.
    4. Change your Timestamp Format to
    Wednesday,May 18,2011.
    5. Click Save Settings.

  21. Kokain Says:


    WHen logging in and trying to upload the template... there is no Upload form hard drive disk button. Saaaad.

  22. Hey. This template doesn't work in my blog. How to solve that?

  23. Jhem Arzaga Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Jhem Arzaga Says:

    hi, can anyone tell me how to make the sharing buttons visible?cos i am having trouble of showing it up even i already enabled it. i just really love this template for my blog!

  25. Jackery Says:

    Greate work. Hi everyone. I see a template here. It is so cool. hic..But i have not enough money. Everyone can sell it for me with 15$? Theme For News, :(. Thanks

  26. yasir Says:

    Nice Theme it is beautiful theme for all users i like it

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